Central Identification (CIDs)

Every citizen of the United Alliance of Planets is given a CID at birth. This is a code that is unique to an individual and is required by law (and by function as part of the quantum encryption key used for personal communique) to use or access the Central Core (which includes everything from docking meters to public libraries to electronic banking to access to medical services).

It’s illegal and punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment for any person not to have a CID. It is illegal and punishable by up to 30 years imprisonment for any person using a CID that is not their own or a false engineered CID.

There are those on the border planets and out on the RIM who never register their young for a CID, usually out of a show of disdain for the Alliance, but the majority of folks rather not condemn their children to be fugitives, or restrict them from access to services provided (however infrequently) by the Core.

For individuals who are born without registration, the Alliance offers a “Drifter’s Amnesty” program that allows for an adult to register for a new CID, though this is a long and drawn out process that involves extensive medical fees for genetic testing, and assignment of an Alliance Identity Assistance Representative who must personally meet with you, any family, and any individuals who knew you growing up. They’ll even visit your home town to confirm the legitimacy of your claims to an identity. Any evidence of falsified information can lead to 10-30 years imprisonment.

The CID is broken down into specific informational parts as follows:

       A B (- C) – D – EEE – FF – GG – HHHH (- I)
      items in parenthesis indicate field potentially not used

A — System of Origin ID: White Sun System Central Core (WS), White Sun Qin Shi Huang System (QSH), White Sun Lux (LX), Georgia System (G), Georgia Murphy System (M), Red Sun System (RS), Red Sun Heinlein System (HL), Red Sun Himinbjorg System (HB), Blue Sun System (BS), Blue Sun Burnham System (BR), Kalidasa Sysetm (K), Kalidasa Penglai System (P)

B — Birth Planet # from System Sun

C — Birth Moon # from Planet (only used if born on a moon)

D — City of Birth Abbreviation (No more than 6 characters)

E — Birth # on Birth Date at Location (always at least a 3-digit number with leading zeros when needed)

FF — Month of Birth (always 2 digits with leading zero when needed)

GG — Date of Birth (always 2 digits with leading zero when needed)

HHHH — Year of Birth

IADA Issue: This single letter signifier is appended to any CID that was issued via the Alliance Drifter’s Amnesty program If issued before 18 years of age (A), If issued before 25 years of age but after 18 years of age (B), and if Issued after 25 years of age ©. Class A usually goes without much additional scrutiny on CID inspections, however Class B and Class C are heavily scrutinized by Alliance officials.

So as an example, Patricia Luo Wessel’s Core Identication is (CID G11-1-CAPPRA-001-06-25-2488).

This means that she was born in the Georgia System on the 11th planet around the Georgia sun (New Hope) and on the 1st moon orbiting that planet (The Commons). She was born in the city of Caprice Prairie, which is abbreviated into six characters as CAPPRA. She was the first child born at this location on the 25th of June in the year 2488.

Central Identification (CIDs)

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