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Date Location Purpose
03/01/2520 Unknown Ships Log Classified / UAP Military, Clearance X
03/05/2520 Lu’Weng, Sihnon, White Sun System UAP Military Decommission Filed on order of [Gen. Feng Wei Joeng (CID WS3-LUWENG-026-02-18-2479)], Inspection, Registered Civilian Craft Status
03/06/2520 " " Temporary Ownership Transfer (Delivery Status) to Shivian Merriweather (CID WS3-BAKNOK-003-XX-XX-XX); Ship Transport (No Cargo, 1 Crew) to The Shallows, Dragon’s Egg, Blue Sun System
03/20/2520 The Shallows, Dragon’s Egg, Blue Sun System Refueling / Outfitting / Transfer of Ownership Filed
03/25/2520 " " Transfer of Ownership to [Patricia Wessel (CID G11-1-CAPPRA-001-06-25-2488)] / Licensed: Transport/General Salvage Civilian Contract CP Guilds certified

Ship's Logs

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