Character Creation


character-sheet-image.PNG So you’re ready to create your character. The first thing you will need is your crew sheet (character sheet). This can be downloaded as an interactive PDF (or printed for pen and paper) via the campaign Facebook group by clicking here.

There are a few different methods that can be used for creating your character statistics. The simplest method is to select one of the many “pre-generated” archetypes that can be found in the rulebooks (see page 191 and preceding pages in the Firefly RPG Core Book for several example archetypes ready to use).

The second method is to use on of those existing archetypes with a few modifications to tweak them into the statistics that make the most sense for your character.

The third option is to start from the ground up and create and entirely new character. The rules for doing this can be found in the Firefly RPG Core Book on page 194.

When it comes to choosing distinctions (roles, personalities, and backgrounds) and associated triggers for your character, there a plethora available in the books (see pages 195-203 in the Firefly RPG Core Book), but we can also work together to create all new distinctions if you feel none of those seem to really fit your character’s role (see page 234 of the Firefly RPG Core Book for more info on creating distinctions and triggers).

In the end we want to work together to create a character that both adds to the story as well as being fun for you to play.

Character Creation

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