The Shallows Skydock (Station)

The Great Dragon Bazaar


Located in the dense upper atmosphere of the gas giant known as Dragon’s Egg, located in the Blue Star system on the Rim, The Shallows is a black market haven. The entire station is designed for buoyancy and literally floats like a ship on water in the thick molecular hydrogen and helium atmosphere. It can house over a hundred transport-sized ships, and is capable of supporting well over 10,000 folks aboard its many decks, though fewer than 3,000 (mostly merchants and vendors) call the place home.

The atmosphere of Dragon’s Egg isn’t breathable, so its docks are compartmentalized airlock-sealed ship-sized bays protected by double blast doors both inside and outside of the station. They can be rented out by the hour or by the week for a fairly reasonable rate.

The Shallows is well known for its brothels and gambling dens, but the Great Dragon Bazaar, offers all sorts of amenities ranging from the nefarious to the commonplace including foodstuffs, lodging, ship repair, slave markets, legit employment services, and various sorts of illicit tech merchants (mostly stolen or salvaged tech). In fact, it is one of the most technically advanced civilian outfits this side of the Rim. Too far from the Core for the Alliance to interfere much – especially considering its relatively close proximity to Reaver space.

Unlike dirt docks, The Shallows has a unique advantage when protecting the station from unwanted intrusions (including Reaver attacks). When danger is near, the entire station goes on lockdown, and they descend deeper into the thick atmosphere of the gas giant they float upon. While the station has been outfitted to withstand the tremendous pressures caused by dissention, ordinary ships just buckle and implode.

Of course, when the station is on lockdown, this also strands the thousands of denizens within… Luckily the station remains well stocked, and could operate completely cut off from the Verse for weeks, months, and possibly years, though few lockdowns last longer than a day or two.

If you’re looking to buy black market tech, looking for an oasis of all manners of pleasures, or seeking gainful employment, The Shallows is one of the premier stops for those wanting to keep out of sight from the Alliance.

Once a favorite stop of Mr. Universe (before his demise), The Shallows is one of the few places that can connect to the Central Cortex; an arrangement negotiated with the Alliance by allowing some of their “questionable” payloads pass through the docks on the way out to various secret Alliance Research Facilities.

Most vendors accept platinum as well as credits (paper money and digital alike), though if buying illegal tech or slaves, it’ll have to be platinum or paper credits to thwart Alliance detection.

The station is owned and operated by the Cartwright family which is currently headed by Janus Cartwright – a ruthless, dangerous black market mogul. His daughter, Elisa Cartwright, acts as the station’s sheriff and employs dozens of thuggish enforcers who patrol the decks and great bazaar – though as long as one doesn’t start any trouble, they tend to keep to themselves and not interfere with the personal affairs of customers.


Locations within The Shallows

Brighton Inn
Gōnghuì Staffing Services

The Shallows Skydock (Station)

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